These are the setup scripts for the project magpie buildsystem. If you want to (re)build packages or images for project magpie, this is the thing to use.

To configure the scripts and download the build metadata, do:

$ MACHINE=spark ./ config spark

You can change the ‘spark’ in the commandline above into the machine you are targeting. For example ‘spark7162’

To start a build of the ‘neutrino’ image, do:

$ source ~/.oe/environment-project-magpie
$ bitbake vulture-image 

To start a build of the kernel, do:

$ source ~/.oe/environment-project-magpie
$ bitbake virtual/kernel

To update the metadata, do:

$ git pull
$ ./ update

The script tries hard to keep your local changes while at the same time keeping close to the original config. Please keep the following in mind:

* it will reset the origin URI based on layers.txt, so update layers.txt when changing a repo
* it will do a 'git reset --hard >ref<' on locked down repos, so please create a new branch for your changes
* As noted above, it will NOT switch branches, so be carefull when using the update function after you branched a repo

Flashing the JFFS2 Image (spark)


The images to be flashed are located in the following folder: - build/tmp-magpie/deploy/images/vulture-image-spark.jffs2 - build/tmp-magpie/deploy/images/uImage-spark.bin

Attention these are symbolic links to the latest image.

Sti7111 based Boxes

 $ cp build/tmp-magpie/deploy/images/vulture-image-spark.jffs2 /media/spark/enigma2/e2jffs2.img
 $ cp build/tmp-magpie/deploy/images/uImage-spark.bin /media/spark/enigma2/uImage

Sti7162 based Boxes

 $ cp build/tmp-magpie/deploy/images/vulture-image-spark7162.jffs2 /media/spark/enigma2/e2jffs2.img
 $ cp build/tmp-magpie/deploy/images/uImage-spark7162.bin /media/spark/enigma2/uImage     
  • Format USB-thumb drive with a single FAT32 partition
  • Create an enigma2 folder on the USB-thumb drive
  • Copy the file vulture-image-spark.jffs2 to the enigma2 folder and rename it to e2jffs2.img and copy the file uImage-spark.bin to the enigma2 folder as-well and rename it to uImage to the enigma2 folder onto the thumb drive
  • Turn the Set-Top-Box off by the power switch
  • Put the USB-Stick into the USB-Slot at the back of the STB. Not the front one!
  • Press the OK at the Front-Panel and keep it pressed.
  • Turn on the box by the power switch.
  • Wait until you read “Forc” on the display
  • Release the OK Button. Now you can press the Button V+ -> (right).
  • After this you can read “U LD” on the display.
  • The flashing of the image may take some minutes. After successfull flashing “SUCC” is written on the display and the box reboots.

If you find any bugs please report them here.